Welcome to my world. I’m glad to see all visitors, so I hope you’ll take a look around, maybe subscribe to my blog, and keep on coming back! My blog is here.

I am a happily married published author, with 3 books currently out. You can see sample chapters, blurbs, and links on my Dream-Walker War page, a series set in an alternate reality Earth where vampires, witches, and shifters came out of the shadows in 1929 and are faced with a hidden enemy trying to start a war between humans and non-humans.

If you check out my Works in Progress page, you can see what I’m currently working on.

I have three beautiful children (twin girls and a boy) that I blog frequently about, along with the house we’re currently building.

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As of 1/28/14, I am now represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Thanks again for coming by and I hope you’ll return soon!

Thanks for stopping by! C'mon back soon.